Actor Vikranth: The movie Lal Salaam which was released yesterday starring famous actor vikranth is getting good response among the people.

Vikrant is an actor who made his debut as a child star in the 1991 movie "Azhagan" starring famous actor Mammootty. In 2005, he made his debut in the tamil film world as a hero in the movie "Karka Kasadara" directed by RV Udayakumar.

It is also noteworthy that he has acted in only 19 movies in these 18 years of cinema journey starting from that day till today. Even today he is waiting for a good movie that will give him a break. In this situation, Vikram, who played the role of Rajinikanth's son in the movie "Lal Salaam" starring famous actor Rajinikanth, which was released yesterday on february 9, is getting a good reception among the people.

In this context, it is said that Vikrant is going to act in the next movie directed by famous director Innasi Pandian. The famous Innasi Pandian who directed the movie "Diary" which was released in the year 2022 starring famous actor arulnidhi is currently directing the movie "Bullet" starring Raghava Lawrence's brother.

In this case, although there are some reports that Vikrant is going to act in the second part of the movie Diary with Arul Nithi, there are also reports that Vikrant will soon play the hero in Innasi Pandian's film. In the absence of big film opportunities, Vikrant, who was thinking of quitting cinema, started getting film opportunities continuously.

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