Sivaji Ganesan, who is hailed as actor Thilakam in tamil cinema, has acted in more than 300 films and has earned a place in the hearts of fans. He has worked with 5 generations of actors and is an inspiration to the current cast of his acting. sivaji Ganesan, who has shown a difference in each of his films, has acted in some films not only in tamil but also in Telugu.

Sivaji acted alongside leading actresses Savitri, padmini and Saroja Devi who were popular in tamil cinema in the 50s and 60s. He has also acted with ambika and Radha, who were leading actresses of the 80s. In that way, actress padmini was the one who made her debut in the film industry before Shivaji.

Padmini made her debut in 1947 with the film Kannika, followed by acting as a dancer in many films including Mohini, Vedala Ulama, and then made her debut as a heroine in the 1952 film Paamy. This is also the first film in which sivaji acted.

But since Parashakti was released first, that film itself is seen as Shivaji's first film. After the film Money, sivaji padmini paired up in several films. Especially the sivaji padmini pair continued in super hit films like Anbu, Uthu Tothi, Illara Jyoti, Mangaiyar Thilakam. Actress padmini acted in more than 60 films with Shivaji.

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