Anirudh made music move towards destruction..!?

It's the playlist of songs that we love to listen to that keeps us going through long journeys and sleepless nights. We listen to the same song many times and enjoy it, but we do not think that much about why the singer who sang that old song does not sing in the cinema these days. To be honest they don't get opportunities nowadays. Favorites of the 80s and 90s kids like Hariharan, Sujatha, Srinivas, Karthik, Tippu, Harini, and shalini have not sung in any film recently. The main reason for this is the trend set of young directors coming up now. That is, they sing songs for the films they compose music for, heroes write songs, they also sing for their roles and this is how the screenplay goes.
Music composer Anirudh earns a higher salary than AR Rahman. Superstar Rajinikanth hails him as the next AR rahman on the stage. Even if it is proven with evidence that the same Anirudh is copying the tune of another song, it is not a big controversy. Anirudh, who composes music for most of the leading heroes' films, does not give a chance to any of the popular singers. For a long time, SPB sang the intro song for Rajini films. Anirudh has changed it in the petta film. The biggest example of this is when SPB was made to sing in darbar after the negative reviews that followed. Many of the singers we enjoyed in the 90s are out of work now because young directors are creating songs with a group of their own.Similarly, if there is any event in the past, there will be a music concert. After the arrival of the dj culture, the talk of this music concert has lost its place. Due to this, the opportunity to get beyond the cinema is not available to the playback singers. Singers who have sung many of our favorite songs are now judging music competitions on the small screen.

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