Participating in international film festivals and establishing connections with globally acclaimed film personalities is recognized as a savvy marketing strategy, leveraging the potential to sell products in the global market. director S.S. rajamouli and the Arca media team notably employed this approach for "Baahubali" and "Baahubali 2," attaining immense success. 

The success of this strategy has inspired filmmakers in india to explore opportunities for global exposure, with the Baahubali franchise's release model contributing to prabhas gaining recognition in markets like japan and China. The success of "Roudram Ranam Rudhiram" (RRR) was propelled by a similar strategy, including promotions at international film festivals and engagement with hollywood celebrities at events like the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Philincritics awards. 

Recently, the team behind Prabhas's project "Kalki" (also known as "Radhe Shyam") participated in the international Film festival for promotional activities. Now, the Sukumar-Allu arjun team is gearing up to follow the same path for the promotion of "Pushpa 2."

Allu arjun, along with producer Maitri ravi Shankar, attended the 74th Berlin international Film festival to promote "Pushpa 2," where it premiered. The decision to interrupt the shooting schedule for this promotional event was explained by the filmmakers as a strategic move to capitalize on the global buzz surrounding the "Pushpa" franchise.

The success and widespread acclaim of "Pushpa" have generated significant anticipation for its sequel, and the team aims to further enhance its global reach. The strategy involves establishing connections with popular distributors in european countries, marketing the film in local languages, and fostering relationships with film festival celebrities. 

"Pushpa 2" is slated to release in South indian languages, Hindi, gulf countries, and various european nations, including the united states and the United Kingdom. The film's potential release in Russian, and the question of a Chinese release, remains to be seen, with expectations running high for the movie's international market expansion.

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