AV Raju Apology: Many people have expressed their concern against AV Raju who made a controversial comment about the famous actress, he has apologized for it.

In 2017, while 100 AIADMK executives were staying at the estate in Couvathur for about a week, former member of AIADMK AV Raju released a sensational information that actress trisha, who is a leading star in the tamil film industry, was brought there and a famous actor brought her there.

He also said that the actress was paid 25 lakh rupees. At this stage, it caused a huge controversy in tamil Nadu and many people from the kollywood world were raising voices of condemnation against Rajeev. Actress trisha also raised her condemnation on the matter.

Also, many people expressed their views that appropriate action should be taken against him and that the Actors' Association should intervene in this matter and take action against him. In this case, AV Raju, who has met the media at present, has said something in a way that will strike a chord.

He said that he "asked young actresses like Trisha" and did not mention any particular actress. He has said that I am not always such a talker and that his speech has been misrepresented. Famous director and actor cheran has filed a complaint against AV Raju in this matter, political celebrities including gayathri Raghuram have also requested the tamil Nadu government to take strict action in this matter.

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