Making her mark in the kannada film industry, director anjali menon has confirmed his debut tamil film in association with production and distribution company KRG Studios.

Female director anjali menon is famous for directing unique stories. His previous films like 'Bangalore Days', 'Manjadikuru', 'Ustad Hotel', 'Kude' and the recently released film 'Onder Woman' have been well received by all quarters.

Anjali menon, who is making a mark in her works, has teamed up with KRG Studios this time. Film production and distribution company KRG is all set to make its first venture in tamil with anjali menon as it forays into film production in tamil for the first time. The official announcement regarding this has now been released.

Anjali menon on her association with KRG Productions said, “Joining with KRG Studios is our mission to create world-class films centered on our culture in an engaging way, bringing together audiences across India's diverse linguistic and narrative landscapes for unforgettable, thought-provoking yet entertaining film journeys. Soon, the announcement about the actors - actresses, music composers and technicians who will act in the film is expected to be announced. The official announcement regarding this has now been released. 

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