On the basis of the complaint given by famous lyricist Snegan, the incident of police arresting famous serial actress and bjp executive jayalakshmi has created a stir.


Snegan is famous for writing songs for many super hit films in tamil cinema in a way that captivates the fans. His written songs like "Avaravar Vazhakakiyil Ayas Ayas Kathiyas", "Dosha Dosha Dhol Kodu Kathla", "Kalyanamthan Katti Kittu Odippolama", "Poi Solla Indana Manasuku Nadana", "Arariraro" are not among the most listened to songs by many fans on a daily basis. .

Apart from being a lyricist, he has also acted in some movies like 'Yogi', 'Uyarthiru 420', 'Komali', 'Bhumi', 'Yanai'. Similarly, Sinegan, who participated in the bigg boss season 1 show aired on Vijay TV, became the first runner-up despite facing some criticism.

In this case, the police have arrested the Snegan serial actress jayalakshmi following her complaint. Serial actress and bjp executive jayalakshmi is said to be involved in money fraud with a foundation running in her name. It is said that in 2022, jayalakshmi was contacted by Snegan's side over the phone, but she did not give any response.

Later, serial actress jayalakshmi filed a complaint against Snegan regarding this incident. When jayalakshmi went to the police station to complain that Snegan's complaint was completely false, the police refused to accept her complaint, and the court ruled in favor of jayalakshmi who went to court to file an FIR against Snegan. And Jayalaxmi has said that there is no evidence for the allegations made by Snegan.

Snegan... Following the complaint lodged against Jayalaxmi, the Tirumangalam police arrested him and are interrogating him. This incident has created a stir now

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