Director jayam Ravi: Famous actor jayam Ravi, who followed the success of Siren, has spoken about his decision to take on the role of a director.

Although he acted as a child star in a couple of telugu films, it was jayam ravi who made his debut as a hero in the tamil film world with the film 'Jayam' by famous director Raja Mohan released in 2003. For the past 20 years, he has acted in various good roles and today he is a leading actor.

Especially in the last two years 2022 and 2023, it is no exaggeration to say that jayam ravi has been standing among the leading actors in the list of leading actors by playing the role of Arulmozhi Varman in the two parts of Ponni's Selvan, which was released.

Now that he has a back-to-back series of films including "Brother", "Genie" and Kamal Haasan's "Thug Life", he has said that he will soon take on a directorial avatar. He has said that he has 3 stories in total and he has already given an advance of Rs 500 to yogi babu to act in his first film.

He has also said that he is going to act in one of the two movies and he is going to cast some other actors in the other movie. Information about director jayam Ravi's film is expected to be released soon

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