Many people who did not support trisha in this matter..!?

Earning a good name is the biggest difficulty, but it doesn't take a minute to get a bad name. Trisha's current situation is a perfect example of this. Now when you open the social media, Trisha's name is getting damaged. That is, a controversial issue of trisha exploded yesterday. Following this, trisha retaliates to all of them and says that she strongly condemns such people. She also responded by saying that she would not let this go idle and would condemn it legally. And many celebrities are raising the war flag in support of Trisha.
But some people are still keeping silent for Trisha. In that way, Vijay did not support his co-star. Besides, Vijay is not supporting as a politician who started a party called Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam and entered politics with the intention of doing good to the people. There is a doubt that Vijay may be silently supporting trisha without knowing it. But this was okay when he was just an actor. But if Vijay, who now wants to start his journey as a politician, does this, how will there be any trust in him?Next up is Kamal, who is an encyclopedia who knows everything in cinema and is a veteran actor. Not only that, how can it be right not to seek justice for trisha even as a politician who wants to do good through Makkal Maiam? Following them, the actors and actresses who are currently shining as leading stars in the cinema are just watching Trisha's controversial issue. Also, women's organizations who are raising the war flag that how can you speak such words against a woman even if you get a small matter, did not come for trisha in this one matter.

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