Who is the reason for the failure of Lal Salaam..!?

When someone who does not know how to work is given a job, they will not do it properly and will give a thousand reasons why the job is not right. That's the reason aishwarya Rajinikanth gave for the failure of Lal Salaam. Let it be Aishwarya, the superstar's elder daughter, and Soundarya, the younger daughter, the two women are the reason why Rajinikanth's fans have lost so much attachment to them. Rajini fans will be shocked to know that these women have roles in Rajini's films.
It doesn't matter if you slip up somewhere, but every step taken by both of Rajini's daughters keeps slipping. The leader is also constantly saying that women should be promoted somehow. aishwarya Rajinikanth, who broke up with her romantic husband, when she said that she would do the next film, carried the entire story of the film on her shoulders. Lal Salaam has destroyed the entire name that Rajini had acquired with Jailer. Not only did the theaters run wild, but the collection which was coming in crores dropped to lakhs in two days. All those who have already seen the film started giving free advice to those who have not seen it, please don't go to that film alone. lover starring young hero Manikandan was a box office hit.While all the viewers are lamenting that aishwarya Rajini doesn't know how to make a film, aishwarya has blamed Lyca tamil Kumaran. That is, Lal Salaam did not succeed because Tamilkumaran did not advertise properly. director aishwarya Rajinikanth doesn't know how to make him understand that a good film doesn't need publicity. Even though we got on the platform and shouted that we didn't want to work in Dad's name, they were still riding on the back of Dad who is over 70 years old. Knowing that maybe aishwarya Rajinikanth will make a film like this, dhanush has been congratulating this film on twitter is also doubtful.

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