Mansoor ali Khan has said that speaking badly of his fellow actress has hurt him.

Sasikala kept her supporting MLAs at a popular resort in Couvatur for 10 days to save the regime for Jayalalitha's death. Recently, salem AIADMK executive AV Raju Edappadi from the party leveled a series of complaints against Palaniswami. He also talked about the Gouvathur incident.

Speaking in that interview, he said, "Do you know how many actresses came to meet in Couvatur? In it, mla Venkatachalam pretended to want actress Trisha. So the actor paid Rs.25 lakh and brought trisha to Couvadoor. Many more actors came,” he said.

As this interview went viral, directors cheran and rk Selvamani expressed their support for Trisha. And actress trisha wrote on her instagram page, “It's disgusting to see such lowly people repeatedly stooping to any level to get attention. Strict action will be taken in this regard. I am going to say everything legally.

Mansoor ali Khan has said that speaking badly of his fellow actress has hurt him. The audio response given by him in this regard, "I was told that a politician had spoken to a fellow actress in my field in an obnoxious manner. The person concerned should express remorse.

In an egalitarian state of tamil Nadu, such degrading speech is condemnable. It has hurt my heart to talk badly about a fellow film actress. Such talk is dangerous. Disgusting. I request you to take action against the person concerned," he said.

In november last year, the same Mansoor ali Khan had spoken disparagingly about Trisha. After this, its member and actress Khushbu demanded that the National Commission for women should take action against her. The National Commission for women directed the DGP of tamil Nadu to take further action against Mansoor ali Khan. Following a series of complaints, a case was registered against Mansoor ali Khan at the chennai Ayaar Lampu police Station. The controversy ended after Mansoor ali Khan apologized over the issue. In this context, Mansoor ali Khan's support of trisha has attracted attention.

Meanwhile, AIADMK executive AV Raju has issued a statement apologizing to Trisha. He also said that what he said has been misrepresented and shown. trisha had spoken to hurt her mother's heart, I apologise: he also said.

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