Bollywood actor vikrant massey recently received the Best Actor Award at Filmfare 2024. He has been given this award for the film '12th Fail'. There is a lot of discussion about vikrant massey and meanwhile, the actor has apologized on one of his old posts and said some things to the fans. Vikrant has apologized for his old tweet. vikrant massey is very active on social media and gives every update to his fans. These days, when Vikrant is being praised for his film '12th Fail', the actor has written a long post apologizing.

Why did vikrant massey apologize?

Actor vikrant massey has written on X, 'I would like to say a few words about one of my old contests of 2018. It was absolutely not my intention to hurt the people of Hindu community, to defame them or to insult them. That thing can be said even without sharing any cartoon which was published in the newspaper.

'That was my mistake for which I apologize.

vikrant massey further wrote, 'I want to apologize to all those whose hearts were hurt because of me. As you all know that I respect all religions. We all grow with time and learn from our mistakes and that was my mistake for which I apologize.

vikrant massey comes from different religions

Vikrant recently gave an interview in which he told that my father is Christian, my brother has accepted islam and his mother is Sikh, while his wife is Hindu. In this way, the actor says that he believes and respects all religions.

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