The film industry dynamics in tollywood and the malayalam film industry are indeed distinct, especially when it comes to the willingness of actors to embrace unconventional roles. tollywood, known for its commercial cinema, often caters to the preferences of the audience, maintaining a star's image. In contrast, malayalam cinema is renowned for its willingness to experiment with narratives, characters, and storytelling, even if it means deviating from conventional norms.

In malayalam cinema, irrespective of an actor's stardom, there is a tradition of prioritizing the demands of the story, pushing actors to adapt to diverse roles. Mammootty's latest film, "Bhramayugam," is cited as an example where the actor embraced a mysterious character in a unique black-and-white setting. The malayalam industry's commitment to storytelling, character-driven plots, and experimentation is highlighted in such instances, providing audiences with fresh and compelling experiences.

However, the narrative landscape in tollywood tends to revolve around commercial cinema, where stars often need to balance experimentation with the expectations of their fan base. While telugu cinema has seen the emergence of new stories and characters, it is observed that the prevalence of character-driven films that wholly surrender to the story is relatively limited, especially for senior heroes.

In conclusion, the divergent approaches in tollywood and malayalam cinema reflect the industry's priorities and audience expectations. While tollywood excels in delivering blockbuster commercial hits, malayalam cinema stands out for its inclination towards unique storytelling and character-driven narratives.

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