The stunning diva Nayanthara agreed to work with her spouse Vignesh Shivn on another movie. The film, which is tentatively named lic, has already generated controversy since the life insurance corporation of india objects to the term. The team has already received notifications from the organization. We now know that Nayanthara made the shocking decision to exit the movie.

According to reports, the lead actress is demanding a substantial payment for the project and is unwilling to work on the movie for less. She has chosen to leave the production even though her spouse Vignesh is involved since she is dissatisfied with the compensation received. 
The primary leads in the movie are pradeep Ranganathan, well known for love Today, and Kriti Shetty, best known for Uppena. In the movie, Nayanthara has been cast as Kriti's sister. We need to find out who the filmmakers have chosen to replace her now that she is leaving the movie. Serving as the film's music director is Anirudh Ravichander.

One of the most in-demand actresses in the South indian film business is Nayanthara. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in tamil cinema, having worked on some of the most well-known films.

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