Mahesh Babu appears to have a compelling motivation to continue with commercial and message-focused films for the time being. And the reason is that experiments like Spyder, which were carried out in an obscene fashion that the public quickly rejected, are being conducted.
After Spyder, murugadoss intended to direct big-name actors in telugu, but the movie's outcome made all of those heroes alter their minds, and murugadoss continued to work on his tamil films, Sarkar and Darbar. The filmmaker is returning after nearly six years with a bilingual that was reportedly shot on a very large scale.

Murugadoss and Sivakarthikeyan, a popular actor in tamil cinema, collaborated on a bilingual film that would be distributed in both telugu and Tamil. With his strong flicks, Sivakarthikeyan became a celebrity in tamil, and his telugu dubbings won over audiences there as well. Rukmini Vasanth, renowned for Sapta Sagaralu Daati, plays the lead role in the film.
According to reports, this SK23 was introduced yesterday and is a commercial entertainer. The film's soundtrack was composed by Anirudh. Given that Spyder's failure still haunts him in the telugu film industry, it remains to be seen if murugadoss can restore his notoriety in telugu with SK23.

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