At the audio launch of her next film "Siren," actress Keerthy suresh captivated the audience with her captivating presence. Keerthy was radiant with grace and elegance as she wore a gorgeous black and golden saree with a sleeveless top. Her outfit selection highlighted her flawless sense of style and her inherent attractiveness with the ideal balance of heritage and contemporary.

Keerthy embraced the persona of a posing queen with ease, attracting spectators with her grace and confidence as she posed against a backdrop. Her shape was emphasized by the elaborate golden patterning on her black saree, which also gave her look a hint of refinement. During the occasion, Keerthy's modest yet elegant style caught everyone's attention, especially with her loose hair flowing down her shoulders and her simple earrings worn on her ears.
A 14-year-old girl who is introduced to us at the beginning of the film tells us that her father is incarcerated and that they don't have a connection. Furthermore, who is her father? Meet Thilagan (Jayam Ravi), a prisoner serving a term for allegedly killing someone, who hasn't seen his child in 14 years. For fourteen years, Thilagan has refused to leave prison, even when the parole board has offered him visits with his kid and family. He is sent home on parole for two weeks because he is now anxious to see his daughter and build a bond with her.


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