Raatchasan is a 2018 film directed by ramkumar and starring vishnu Vishal. amala Paul, Raveena Taha, Ammu Abirami, kali Venkat, ravi -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>radha ravi were the biggest stars in it. Gibran composed the music for the film. ramkumar impressed with his lively screenplay to the point of leading the list of tamil cinema's best thrillers.

Raatchasan Movie

After the release of Rakshasan, other language celebrities who had seen the film lined up to buy its remake rights. Subsequently, the film was remade in Telugu, hindi and other languages. The pain behind the success of Rakshasan, its director ramkumar has been speaking on many platforms. Because 17 heroes rejected the film before vishnu Vishal.

Vishnu Vishal's Raatchsasan

Apart from that, 22 producers also said no. The film has overcome all obstacles and finally succeeded. But when he first wrote the story of the film, the hero that director ramkumar had in mind was Seeyan Vikram. This is a story written entirely for him. Although he also liked the story, vikram said no due to the call sheet problem.


When vikram said no, the story went to various actors including Vishal, and finally vishnu Vishale produced it through his own production company and played the hero in it. The film marked a major turning point in his career. Sammy Square movie is the reason why Seyan vikram missed such a golden opportunity. vikram has missed such an opportunity to act in the flop film directed by Hari.

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