Now that venkatesh Bhatt has announced his exit from the 5th season of Cook With Komali, another celebrity has also left the show.

Cook with komali is one of the famous reality shows on Vijay TV. The show started in 2019 and has successfully completed 4 seasons so far. Vanitha vijayakumar won the title in the first season of the show. Subsequently, Kani became the title winner in the second season, Sruthika in the third season, and mime gopi in the fourth season that ended last.

The highlight of Cook with komali is the comedy gala, even though it is a cooking show. The highlight of the show is where the contestants prove their mettle by cooking alongside someone who doesn't even know what cooking is. The event was a great stress buster especially for the people who were stuck at home during the Corona lockdown. To that extent, Cook with komali is becoming a favorite show of the people.

Another major reason behind the success of Cook with komali is its judges. Both Chef Dhamu and venkatesh Bhatt have been the judges for all the four seasons that have run so far. All the galas they do with the contestants are highly appreciated by the fans. Besides, the way they tasted the food and pointed out the quality and flaws of the competitors impressed everyone.

Meanwhile, when it was recently reported that the 5th season of Cook with komali is going to start soon, venkatesh Bhatt shocked by announcing that he will not participate as a judge in it. Following him, now Chef Dhamu has also announced that he is quitting the show. Fans are disappointed as the two pillars of the show Cook with komali are apart one after the other.

At the same time, both of them have announced that even if they leave, they will join another show, it will be a new kind of show, and the announcement about it will come out soon. It only seems certain that another cooking show is coming soon. It depends whether it is on Vijay tv or any other channel.

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