On february 24th, natural star nani celebrated his birthday. As the Hi Nanna actor turned forty, well-wishers from all around the nation showered nani with congratulations on this significant occasion. love came from all sides, but one specific video that Anjana Yelavarthy, Nani's wife, shared on social media brightened everyone's day. Seated with his son arjun in the video, arjun was getting ready to present his father something wonderful.

Arjun sweetly states in the video, "Today is dedicated to a very special individual, my father, my Nanna." I decided to offer him a musical present because I know how much he enjoys it.  After this endearing little statement, arjun gave a touching performance of Hoyna Hoyna from Nani's Gang Leader, which the actor instantly recognised.  Many on social media have said how much this adorable exchange between arjun and his father, Nanna, has cheered them up, and they are requesting more. Awholesome video is produced by Nani's broad smile, his amazed expression on Arjun's face, and Arjun's eagerness to demonstrate his piano prowess to his father.

Allu Arjun's son allu ayaan recently gained popularity for his rendition of the song Lut Put Gaya from Shah Rukh Khan's Dunki, which is another endearing star child performance. Recently, allu sneha Reddy, the wife of Allu arjun, posted a video of allu ayaan belting out SRK's Lut Put Gaya.

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