Throughout tamil movie history, Sivakumar, an aging actor, has been one of the most recognizable faces. Throughout his career, the actor has appeared in almost 190 films and played a variety of adaptable characters. Superstars Suriya and karthi from kollywood are also his children.

According to the most recent update, the former actor is in the middle of a scandal after disposing of a shawl that an old admirer gave him out of contempt. As soon as a video of Sivakumar's performance went viral on social media, fans attacked the actor for his harsh response, branding him haughty and pointing out that even if he may have been pressed for time, it was wrong to discard something that a fan had given him out of love.

It is worth noting that Sivakumar has encountered difficulties previously. The actor gained notoriety in 2018 after he violently broke a fan's phone as the fan was trying to take a photo with him. In a similar case, an actor was the target of criticism on social media when a video of him acting inappropriately went viral.

The actor did, however, eventually issue a public apology and even purchased the fan a new phone in exchange for knocking down the previous one. Sivakumar elaborated on his position, saying that it is polite to ask someone, even a celebrity, for permission before taking a photo with them. He went on to underline that it was wrong to treat celebrities like common property and to take them for granted, adding that they should also be treated with respect and privacy.

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