Atlee is one of India's top directors of motion pictures. After a run of hit films with Vijay, he directed Jawan, another massive blockbuster starring Shah Rukh Khan. Atlee's films are renowned for skillfully fusing social commentary with entertainment. They frequently discuss political issues in both real and fictional life. atlee stressed the importance of politics in a democratic nation like india at a recent talk.

A question concerning politics' importance was posed to Atlee. He responded by saying that, even if we don't always understand it, politics is a part of everyday life. We are entangled in politics from the minute we start school. atlee stressed that politics is a part of every one of us and not just an outside force. He stated unequivocally that free discourse on politics is necessary. "Politics is a part of who we are; it should be discussed; if it is not, we do not live in a democracy."

Like his mentor Shankar, atlee regularly explores societal concerns in his films. One of his politically charged films, Mersal, features Thalapathy Vijay and raises questions about Vijay's possible political ambitions.  In Mersal, atlee stresses the value of raising the standard of living for the general public and argues in favor of giving hospitals precedence over mosques or temples. He emphasizes how important it is that all societal groups have access to healthcare.

Another important picture by atlee that tackled political subjects was Bigil. The film promoted equal opportunities for women in all spheres of life, including athletics, and emphasized the significance of women's empowerment in society. atlee also illuminated the politics that exist inside sports federations, highlighting the challenges that players have as a result of these activities. atlee sought to delight viewers with bigil while also bringing these social and political concerns to light.

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