Premalu, the third film directed by Girish AD, was hailed as a huge hit at the malayalam box office. The malayalam version of the movie was released in different states. Every center is experiencing remarkably smooth operations. telugu moviegoers were also enthralled with the film as it was shot in many places and captured the essence of hyderabad, the city that serves as the background for the story.

The most important issue on everyone's mind is whether telugu would be used for the remake or dubbing of the film.
Given that the movie has a telugu flavor, tollywood filmmakers have already started talking to the Premalu producers. Nevertheless, the tollywood producers appear to be undecided between dubbing and remaking, despite receiving several questions.
The film, which has Naslen and Mamitha in the key roles, is a sweet love tale that will amuse viewers. The film tells the narrative of a girl who obtains a software job and travels to hyderabad for employment.

Premalu is a good candidate for telugu dubbing given the history of successful remakes and dubbings in telugu cinema. Getting the film dubbing done by professionals will attract much-needed attention.
Nothing has been decided upon as of yet. However, many are eager to see the movie in their own tongue as well.

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