An actor who does not even give a hit films in kollywood has a lot of cars in India.

It is well known that cinema actors are the only luxury life. The leading actors are giving various hit films, earning millions and buying luxury cars and houses. Can you believe that the actor, who has the largest luxury cars in India, has not even given a hit film. But that's the truth.

The person is no other, legend Saravanan from our tamil Nadu. He made his debut as a hero through the movie The Legend. Following the flop, he is currently waiting for Kampak to give him his next film. He is not only the actor but also one of the richest people in tamil Nadu. He runs a shopping mall called legend Saravana Stores. He has various branches in Chennai.

The 53-year-old legend Saravanan has earned a revenue of Rs. legend Saravanan, who has built the largest industrial empire in tamil Nadu, has also bought the luxury cars. He has luxury cars in almost indian cinema.

He has a large number of luxury cars and sports cars. In particular, only Rolls Royce car has 3. In addition, Annacchi has bought luxury cars including Lambokini Harakane, ferrari 488, Pentley Cantinel GT, Asteron Martin DB11, Lambokini Urus, Pentley Flying Spur, porsche 911 Turbo S. Its value is said to be over 50 crores.

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