The much-anticipated sequel to pushpa, featuring the dynamic combination of allu arjun and director Sukumar, is generating significant excitement. The film is slated to be a grand spectacle, backed by a larger budget than its predecessor, with a box office target set at a whopping 1000 crores. The producers are already laying out comprehensive plans for promotions to ensure the movie reaches its intended audience.

The brisk pace of shooting for pushpa 2 under Sukumar's meticulous direction has been a testament to the director's commitment to perfection. Actors working with sukumar have praised his dedication to achieving flawless scenes. Reports suggest that the unexpected scenes in pushpa 2, particularly the interval sequence, are expected to be intense, delivering a Bang Never Before experience for the audience.

The interval scene, rumoured to be about 25 minutes long, is said to feature elements related to a fair, combining song sequences with high-octane action episodes. The makers have invested over 30 days and around 50 crores in crafting this crucial episode, emphasizing its significance in the narrative. The Ardhanarishwari avatar of allu arjun is expected to captivate the audience, showcasing not only intense action against villains but also a powerful and fierce portrayal.

To maintain a tight lid on potential leaks, the makers have reportedly implemented stringent security measures. Despite previous instances of leaks related to the film, the recent efforts seem to have successfully kept any unauthorized disclosures at bay. pushpa 2 is scheduled for release in August, and fans eagerly await to see if the film will meet its ambitious box office target.

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