neha kakkar is one of the popular singers. He has given many hit songs in Bollywood. Everyone is crazy about Neha's voice. But Neha has been away from the industry for some time. Although she remains very active on social media. She was last seen as a judge in the singing reality show 'Indian Idol' in the year 2022. After this show, the singer took a break from his work for some time.

neha kakkar had become very weak mentally and physically due to some reason. For this reason the singer had taken a break for some time to come out of it. Now Neha is going to make a comeback soon. Neha herself has revealed this.

For this reason neha kakkar took a break from work

According to ETimes, Neha said- 'I had become very weak mentally and physically, so it was necessary for me to take a break for some time. I am such a person who gives my all for any show. I had been doing this for a long time. But it was becoming very difficult for me to do this. I needed a break. But now I am back.

Broken silence on pregnancy and divorce rumors

Neha further reacted to the rumors of her pregnancy and divorce. There were reports that due to non-work, Neha is separating from husband Rohanpreet Singh. There were some rumors that the singer is pregnant and hence is not working. But now Neha has broken her silence on this.

What did Neha say on the rumors of pregnancy and divorce?

Reacting to these rumours, the singer said- 'Ever since I got married, two rumors have been coming about me. One is that I am pregnant and the other is that I am going to get divorced. That's too bad. people have to gossip about you and create whatever story they want. But I don't pay much attention to such things because I know what the truth is.

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