Her career in tollywood took off after just one movie, but subsequent box office failures and parts that restrict her to dance scenes and medleys have severely hurt her chances. The actress doesn't appear to be in the mood to slow down, though.

We are speaking of the stunning Sreeleela, who was formerly in every successful blockbuster movie. With the exception of guntur Kaaram and Bhagwant Kesari, the actress's other films have failed miserably at the box office, and the parts that restricted her to dancing have also not yielded great success. But when reporters inquired about her future plans in tirumala today, Sreeleela said that the production companies will make an official announcement shortly and that she had telugu and tamil movies scheduled.

Sreeleela is producing three telugu films: Nithin's Robinhood, Pawan Kalyan's Ustaad Bhagath Singh, and Vijay Devarakonda's next. Of these, #VD12 is somewhat uncertain, while the other two are under production. It remains to be seen in the upcoming days what more films the actress will feature in. It took just one film for her to skyrocket her career in tollywood, but back-to-back flops at the box office and roles that limit her to just dance sequences

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