In this collection, you can see the actresses who fell in love and married billionaires while still being a leading actress in the film industry.

In the 80s and 90s, it was considered rare for actresses in their 30s to get opportunities to play heroines. So when they reach 30 years of age, the actresses get married and leave the screen world. Even if they continue to act like that, there is no chance of them getting the role of heroine!


But now the situation has changed. Many actresses continue to act as heroines even after marriage. Let's look at some actresses who married billionaires despite marrying late.

Actress Sridevi: The dream girl of 80's kids, actress sridevi, although she made her debut in tamil, later became famous by acting in various languages including telugu, kannada, Hindi. Especially in hindi who is known as Lady Superstar. She was in a live-in relationship with famous billionaire and producer boney Kapoor... even though she was already married and had a child, while she was a leading actress in the bollywood screen world. After getting pregnant, he hastily married boney kapoor for the second time. After her marriage, she reduced her acting in films and left the screen world completely after the birth of her children. Late actress sridevi returned to the film industry after her daughters grew up.


Asin: malayalam actress asin is a leading actress in the tamil film world. He has paired up with many leading heroes like Ajith, Vijay, Surya, Kamal, vikram and has acted not only in tamil but also in malayalam, telugu and other languages. She made her debut in bollywood with the hindi remake of Ghajini, fell in love with and married rahul Sharma, a friend of famous actor salman khan and the owner of Micromax, and completely left the screen world.

Kutty Radhika: Directed by Janathanan, Kutty radhika played the heroine in the National Award-winning nature film starring shyam and Arun Vijay. After tamil, she was busy acting in other South indian languages, while she was a leading actress... She got married for the second time to the former chief minister of Karnataka, Kumaraswamy. Now he has a daughter. After her marriage, she stayed away from the film industry for some time and now she continues to act in kannada language films

Hansika: Hansika made her debut as a child star in the bollywood film world and then made her debut as the heroine in the tamil film Mappillai opposite Dhanush. Hansika, who won the hearts of fans with her beauty in her first film, went on to act in many films like jayam Ravi's Engyum Amati, Vijay's Velayutham, and Simbu's Valu. She got married for the second time in 2022 to famous businessman and her long time friend Sohail Khaturia.

Reema Sen: (Remasen): Remasen, who debuted as a heroine in the tamil film 'Minnele' directed by director Gauthamenan, got married to famous businessman and billionaire Shiv Karansingh in 2012. Reema Sen, who completely quit the film industry after marriage, now has a beautiful son.

Rakul Preeth Singh: rakul Preeth Singh is one of the actresses who got married recently. She has acted in some films in tamil and was a leading actress in Telugu. She is currently focusing on the bollywood film world and is married to famous businessman, producer and actor, Jackie Bagnani. He is also one of the most multi-millionaire celebrities in the hindi film industry

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