Hero sree Vishnu, basking in the success of Samajavaragamana, is collaborating with sree harsha konuganti to produce another spectacular film. Following the excitement generated by the first look, the producers revealed the film's title and first image. v Celluloid, in collaboration with sunil Balusu, is financing the production.
A rather funny title The movie stars Om bheem Bush, and the title poster is even funnier. The comedic trio rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi, and sree Vishnu are returning with a film that promises to be a unique and hilarious comedy.

The background suggests that the narrative is place in a village, and the three enter as astronauts with pamphlets.
The trio of sree Vishnu, Darshi, and rahul is anticipated to provide endless entertainment, with each role in the film being considered crucial.
The producers' slogan, "No Logic Only Magic," serves as a warning. Logic isn't really something we have to consider when watching these kinds of movie.
Om bheem Bush is slated for release on march 22nd in the summer, as the poster makes clear. The filming has already concluded.
The film's principal heroines are Ayesha Khan and Preethi Mukundhan. Sunny MR provided the music, while Raj thota turned up the camera.

Are you anticipating an exciting dhamaka in the next summer months? The trio of rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi, and sree Vishnu will enthral audiences in the amusing Om bheem Bush. The director of this film, sree harsha konuganti, has created a new standard for entertainment. The first glimpse of the movie was unveiled a few days ago, and the teaser was published today. rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi, and sree Vishnu are introduced as scientists at the start of the teaser. They establish A to Z services after moving their base to a hamlet. But their primary goal is to search the hamlet for a treasure. Unexpected events in the town lend an element of madness to this excursion.

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