The film "Oye," which was re-released on Valentine's Day eve last week, stars siddharth and is currently in theatres till this Thursday. Oy! has had an amazing run and response out of all the re-releases, including the popular movie Baby and others, startling a lot of movie reviewers and fans in the process.

If the overwhelming reception that the "Oye" re-release has got had occurred during the film's original 2009 release, director Anand Ranga and hero Siddharth's careers undoubtedly would have reached a different level. Back in 2009, industry insiders used to argue that despite the director's claims that the movie was profitable, the picture was a financial disaster due to its enormous ₹10 crores budget.

All in all, Oy!'s response currently sounds as though a new movie is receiving a blockbuster discussion. Will this assist director Anand Ranga now that his career has been stalled by this film's box office failure to land large projects and star heroes? We must observe. The success of Oy!, which was followed in the next few years by Baava, Ananganaga O Dheerudu, 180, and Oh My Friend, entirely destroyed hero Siddharth's career as the main actor, but at the same time his lover boy charm is lost in translation. Will Oy's career now be revived, given the welcome he received at the box office for a week? The solution lies only in time.

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