Debut filmmaker V. yashasvi publicly chastised music director radhan at the pre-release ceremony for his movie "Siddharth Roy," accusing him of being unprofessional and causing delays. He said that Radhan's actions caused serious delays in the film's post-production.
Yashasvi stressed that his words were meant to serve as a warning, alerting people to the possibility that this well-known composer may be deceiving. radhan has already been the target of similar criticism. In addition, director Sandeep reddy Vanga expressed his displeasure with Radhan's previous behavior, noting "Arjun Reddy" music delivery delays that resulted in different background score arrangements.

Radhan, who is well-known for his roles in movies like Andala Rakshasi, Evade Subrahmanyam, Husharu, Jathi Ratnalu, and Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty, has been criticized on several occasions. Since he resides in Chennai, most of our filmmakers also have trouble reaching him. Notwithstanding the difficulties, the film is scheduled to premiere on february 23 and provide viewers with a novel perspective on contemporary love tales.

The video of "Siddharth Roy" director V yashasvi criticizing tamil composer radhan at a movie function has gone viral, with accusations of excessive tardiness and unprofessional conduct. "Even though we completed filming Siddarth Roy on schedule, post-production work became stalled because of the tamil musician Radhan." yashasvi notes the composer's contentious temperament in adding, "We suffered a lot, and I am openly saying this because I don't want others to suffer in his hands."

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