Kannadasan who wrote the song in just 10 minutes.. Oh.. Is this super hit song?

Do you know which song was written by Kannadasan in 10 minutes? You can see this in this post.

There are innumerable tamil songs that remain forever in people's hearts even though many times have passed. Poet Kannadasan wrote the lyrics as a crutch to lift when falling.

Kannadasan came to chennai at the age of 16 with the desire to become an actor. But the first thing he got was the opportunity to write.

Kannadasan's first song was the song Kalangathiru Maname which was featured in the movie Kannini Kadali. Kannadasan, who has written about 4500 songs, has produced 6 films. Kannadasan, who has written stories and dialogues for many films, has also written more than 200 books.

Kannadasan is the only poet in the world who has written an obituary for himself. He wrote it years before his death. The last song written by Kannadasan is the song Kanne Kalaimane which will be featured in the film Thimmy Prai.

Kannadasan would finish writing the song in about 30 minutes if he describes the scene of a song. One such time he was going to the railway station to go to town for an emergency. Then the director immediately called sridhar Kannadasan to write a song.

For that, Kannadasa, I have to go to the village as soon as I can for money. He said that it was time for the train. He said that you should come and write a song and take the money with your hand.

He has to write a song, buy money, and not miss the train, so he sat down and asked what the context of the song was.

After writing the song in just 10 minutes, he immediately left for the train after giving the lyrics to sridhar Unke O.K Vaa. Do you know which song was written by Kannadasan in 10 minutes? It is the song 'Muthana Muthalla or Mutthu Vanda Muthalla' which was featured in the movie Nenjil Or Uyyalam

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