The question on the minds of Allu Arjun's fans regarding his next project after "Pushpa 2" remains unanswered, as there are conflicting reports about his choice of director. Initially, there were plans for a film with trivikram, and it was rumoured that trivikram was exploring the use of the telangana dialect for Allu Arjun's character. However, recent reports suggest that Allu Arjun's first choice might not be Trivikram.
On the other front, tamil director atlee is also eager to collaborate with allu arjun after the success of his pan-India hit, "Jawaan." atlee, known for his national appeal, has reportedly prepared a script for allu arjun and is ready for a potential collaboration. While there seems to be a preference for a film with atlee, clarity about the story is said to be a deciding factor for Allu Arjun.

Atlee has presented a storyline to allu arjun, similar to trivikram, who had also provided only a brief outline. The decision may hinge on the completion of the full script, as both directors await the actor's final verdict. Fans are anticipating that Allu Arjun's next project after "Pushpa 2" will be a significant national-level film, and the prospect of a "Pushpa 3" adds an unexpected twist to the speculation. The final decision is eagerly awaited by Allu Arjun's admirers, who are eager to witness the next big project from the charismatic actor.

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