Suhana Khan, the daughter of bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, made her acting debut in the Netflix original film Archies. Suhana received harsh criticism for her performance, and the presentation was a complete disaster. However, SRK has now taken initiative to help launch his daughter's career. The popular figure has brought king to life, a project in which he and his daughter Suhana will play the key parts. He assigned popular Pathan director Siddharth anand the responsibility of co-producing the movie and contributing creatively.

Internet users are speculating that Suhana's career can only flourish if SRK and king both produce huge hits. They are stating that Suhana's criticism from Archies can only be disregarded if king becomes a big hit, and more significantly, if Suhana has a stronger acting performance in the movie. 

Consequently, king now holds greater significance for Suhana than it does for SRK. The young actress has to establish herself with king alongside her father and erase the criticism directed at her lacklustre performance in Archies. However, Suhana's performance alongside her father will inevitably raise expectations, which will add to the film's workload. Can she exceed these standards and make an impression?

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