Indeed, the release of films that are truly pan-Indian has grown nearly monthly these days, even if the films don't really deserve the moniker. Pan-World films are now a new trend in the indian film industry. Only three films now stand out in this category: mahesh babu and Rajamouli's next feature, pushpa 2, and kalki 2898 AD.
 Pushpa 2's assertion that it is a global movie seems a little dubious. Although the first installment was very successful throughout India, the sequel still has to establish itself as a national smash. Nevertheless, in an effort to present it as a worldwide cinematic experience as opposed to only an indian one, allu arjun and the crew are actively pushing it on foreign stages like Berlin.

However, kalki 2898 AD by prabhas seems to be a real candidate for the title of pan-world champion. With its expansive scope, commitment to global norms, and forward-thinking storyline, it promises an entirely immersive experience.

Its attendance at Comic-Con in San Diego is another evidence of its ability to fascinate viewers everywhere and cross regional borders. Last but not least, mahesh babu and SS Rajamouli's partnership is the model for a global motion picture. With the enormous success of RRR, rajamouli has become well-known even in the West, receiving commendation from industry titans like as james cameron and Steven Spielberg.

This project is poised to redefine the limits of indian film on a worldwide scale, with plans for an even greater scale and the inclusion of foreign talent, along with tactics to find international buyers and assure a global distribution.

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