The bollywood actor was the first to play the role of rocky Boy in prashant Neel's mega hit KGF.

While kannada film industry had an image of remakes of foreign language films, kgf broke all that and made the world aware that they too have films with quality stories. In the film directed by prashant Neel, yash played the role of a gangster named rocky Boy and was amazing. The first part of the film was released in 2018.

Rocky Bhai Yash

Prashant Neel shook pan india with its second part as Semma mass after the first part's phenomenal success. kgf 2 was a pan-India mass hit at the box office, grossing over Rs.1200 crores. As both the parts have enjoyed great success, director prashant Neel is now working on the third part.

KGF hero Yash

Yash, who became a Pan india star with the film kgf, is currently committed to acting in the film Toxic. kgf was a big breakthrough for Yash. He played the role of rocky Boy in the film so much that nobody else could have played it. But initially director prashant Neel was not in the idea of casting yash as rocky boy.

Yash, Hrithik Roshan

Since the story of kgf is huge, he had the idea of shooting the film with bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. But since he was not reachable at that time, he told the story to yash and made him act. It is questionable whether kgf would have been such a hit if hrithik roshan had played it. Seeing all this, it seems that it is a good idea not to cast him.

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