The lovely Neha Shetty's character radhika is one of the main lessons to be learned from the movie "DJ Tillu." In addition to her glitz, lip locks, and seductive body language, this gorgeous siren astounded everyone with her character design. However, many were taken aback by her disappearance in the movie's sequel, Tillu Square.

In this exclusive story for india Herald readers, neha shetty plays a significant role in the film "Tillu Square," which stars Anupama Parameshwaran, a struggling heroine, as the lead actress, playing the character "Lilly." neha shetty makes a strong 10-minute appearance in the second part of the film, slaying in a fantastic avatar and giving it her all. According to insiders, Neha will make an amazing cameo appearance. Her on-screen persona is sure to blow viewers away and set things on fire.

Anupama has already begun to reinvent herself with Tillu Square, as she transformed into this glitzy persona to add personality to the follow-up to the beloved movie. And now, even though her role will be lesser, radhika Akka is returning to Tillu. It appears that Tillu Square by siddhu Jonnalagadda will be a big hit when it opens in cinemas on march 29, 2024.

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