Famous actor simbu is currently acting sensationally under director Desingu Periyasamy. A few days ago, the video he released went viral.

Famous actor simbu, who has been acting in tamil cinema since his childhood, acted as a child star in many films and then started acting as the hero of the story. simbu, who is now a leading actor and a great director in the world of tamil cinema, is acting in a new movie under the direction of Desingu Periyasamy.

It is said that actor simbu is playing two completely different roles in the film, and more specifically, one of the two roles that simbu is going to play is a transgender character. A few days ago, simbu himself released a video of himself walking in the middle of a field surrounded by soldiers.

It was definitely a preview of his 48th movie and his fans made it viral in a big way. In this case, to disappoint them, he has now said through his twitter page that it is a video of an advertisement film in which he has acted.

Silambarasan has become the brand ambassador of Casa Grand as the company is about to launch a new product called Suncity. Actor simbu has now said in his X page post that it is an advertisement for the new township they are building in Chennai.

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