Superstar varun Tej is savouring the triumph of his most recent movie, "Operation Valentine," which opened on march 1st, 2024. As this Telugu-Hindi bilingual gained popularity, the actor spoke exclusively with india Herald, responding to their "10 Questions" and going into great detail regarding the movie, its production, preparation, next projects, and janasena party promotion.

In fact, I will be doing the same thing I did for my father during the last election. When asked why he would jeopardise his job to pursue a career in politics, varun Tej responds, "I'm likely to canvass for janasena not because pawan kalyan garu is my Baabai, but because I believe in his ideology and he could bring the real change in the political grammar."

When asked about the amount of effort he had put in to become a fighter pilot, varun Tej said that he had gone through simulator training, similar to how tom Cruise had rehearsed operating a real fighter jet to create an intense performance for the movie "Top Gun." The actor also talked about how members of the indian Air Force assisted them in making corrections.

Regarding the allegations that his next movie "Matka" was cancelled, the actor clarified that nothing had changed other than the addition of a new producer and that 35 percent of the movie had already been filmed.

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