Tamannaah Bhatia, the popular actress known for her roles in the film industry for almost two decades, has often been associated with glamor-centric and skin show roles. Despite her varied filmography, her on-screen appearance has largely maintained a certain image.

In recent times, Tamannaah's career has faced a bit of a lull, leading her to explore diverse roles. She has recently signed up for a natural horror thriller titled "Odela 2," produced by sampath nandi with a significant budget. The movie was launched in Kashmir, and ashok Teja is directing it.

What's noteworthy is Tamannaah's decision to portray the character of naga Sadhu (Shiva Shakti) in "Odela 2," marking a departure from her usual glamour-oriented roles. The movie is expected to steer clear of the conventional glamour, raising questions about whether the audience accustomed to seeing tamannaah in such roles will accept her in a different avatar.

Some discussions in the media revolve around whether Tamannaah's fanbase, often drawn by her beauty, will show interest in a movie where her appearance diverges significantly from her usual glamorous image. On the other hand, there is optimism that if the movie boasts a compelling concept, the audience will be attracted, regardless of Tamannaah's unconventional role.

"Odela 2" presents an opportunity for tamannaah to explore experimental roles, and the movie's success may influence her choice of projects in the future. The reception of this new avatar will be a fascinating aspect to watch for both tamannaah and her fans.

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