Among malayalam films in 2024, "Premalu" stood out as a masterpiece that enthralled both viewers and critics. The film's trailer was unveiled today as SS Karthikeya, the son of filmmaker SS Rajamouli, makes his debut in the telugu cinema industry. "Premalu" attempts to connect with Generation Z by cleverly referencing famous lines from films like NTR's "Thokkukuntu Povaale" and the cherished Kumari Aunty series.

SS karthikeya bravely incorporates NTR's words into the "Premalu" trailer, defying criticism from Mega fans during the rrr days, when he was accused of favouring ntr over ram Charan. karthikeya responded with a humorous smile to a fan who called him an ntr fanboy on Twitter/X, sparking a lengthy debate that some saw as evidence of his fondness for the actor. Despite criticism from other fandoms, karthikeya proudly displays his devotion to NTR.
As seen by "Hostel Huduguru Bekiddare," a kannada hit that failed to connect with telugu audiences despite excellent dubbing and memorable dialogue in telugu as Hostel Boys, the dubbed version may not accurately convey the spirit of the original, even though it was a huge hit in Malayalam. The story of kerala migrants in Hyderabad, "Premalu," greatly depends on its cultural background, which might be lost in translation.


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