Do you know the love story of Bollywood's king Shahrukh Khan and his queen gauri khan is no less than a film love story. Both are often seen giving couple goals. You must have heard many stories related to both of them, but do you know that king Khan married Gauri not once but thrice. Yes, this was revealed by Shahrukh's friend, actor and producer vivek Vaswani has done it.

Recently he was seen on siddharth Kannan's talk show, where he told many unheard things related to the superstar. During the conversation, vivek said that 'Shahrukh's marriage took place in Delhi, where he was also present. Then after the wedding, we took Gauri to darjeeling for honeymoon because we had to shoot a song for Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. Then when he came back to mumbai he could not stay at my house. So as a gift, I accommodated both of them in a 5 star hotel for five days. After this he shifted to Aziz's house. Gauri is a very good person.

vivek further said that he had a lot of fun in Shahrukh's wedding. The food was very good. I enjoyed a lot. Both of them got married in three ways in the same day. Both of them got married in a registered marriage as per Hindu and Muslim customs. Let us tell you that Shahrukh married gauri khan on 25 october 1991. There was a time when Shahrukh and vivek used to be best friends. But now this unbreakable relationship between the two is coming to an end. This has been revealed by actor and producer vivek Vaswani. He told that his last meeting with Shahrukh was in the year 2024. He said, 'There is no relationship between us now. We don't even talk to each other nor do we meet.

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