Oscars: This year's oscar ceremony will be very special for elderly filmmakers, know the reason behind it

If we consider Hayao Miyazaki, he said a few years ago, 'There is nothing worse than telling the world that you will retire because of your age.'The films of many elderly filmmakers have been nominated in this year's oscar ceremony. Among them, there are elderly filmmakers ranging from 70 years to 80 and above. Maybe that's why this time is the golden age of older filmmakers at the Oscars. Now, of course, there can be debate in politics considering old age as a liability, but oscar is no less than a golden chance for elderly filmmakers.

Filmmakers between 70 and 80 years old

In the matter of age, if we consider the words of 83-year-old Hayao Miyazaki, who said a few years ago, 'There is nothing worse than telling the world that you will retire because of your age, and then come back again. It is noteworthy that Miyazaki is the oldest director nominated for Best Film. If he wins the oscar Award on march 10, he will be the oldest winner by more than two decades. Ridley Scott, 86, has been nominated for visual effects and production design. 81-year-old Michael Mann's ferrari was recently released, but he was not nominated. At the same time, 78-year-old Wim Wenders screened his film 'Perfect Days' for the Best international Film.

Must remain curious

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese is 81 years old, his film is 'Killers of the Flower Moon'. Scorsese is the oldest filmmaker nominated for Best Director. Skorose had said in an earlier interview, 'I am curious about everything. I think our curiosity is the thing that motivates us to achieve something good. In such a situation, curiosity also remains. When you do some work, you try your best to do it well. So my curiosity remains.

Not working for low returns

However, there is a generation of filmmakers who feel that a film should be made only as long as it is good. Don't do poor filmography. 90s director Quentin Tarantino, 60, said his tenth film will be his last feature film. He argued that he did not want to dilute his filmography with substandard films. He also said, 'My job is to entertain and I want my audience to expect better from me. Also, I don't want to work for returns.' At the same time, the films 'Oppenheimer', 'Maestro', 'Rustin', 'The Holdovers, 'And the Killers of the Moon' are expected to perform well at the Oscars. It is noteworthy that the oscar award is a big and respected award in the entertainment industry. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of America honors actors, writers, and directors associated with cinema for their excellent work.

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