Manjummel Boys is waiting to beat Rajini's lifetime collection..!?

Manjummel Boys, which has collected Rs 100 crores worldwide, is expected to break the lifetime collection record of Rajinikanth's next film.
Manjummel Boys movie is currently releasing in tamil Nadu. Manjummel Boys is running a collection hunt to such an extent that kollywood is speechless about such a reception for a malayalam film. The film directed by chidambaram was released in only 50 theaters in tamil Nadu on the 22nd of last month. Then after the film received positive reviews, Manjummel Boys gradually picked up and after two weeks, Manjummel Boys is running successfully in more than 250 theatres.
Friends are celebrating the Manjummel Boys movie. Although there is no heroine and no romance in the film, the main reason for fans to celebrate the film is its screenplay, which depicts the greatness of friendship. Also, kanmani Anbodu song featured in the Guna film which was celebrated as a love song till now has become a song celebrated by friends. The reason for that is the Manjummel Boys.The reception of Manjummel Boys movie is increasing day by day in tamil Nadu than in Kerala. While the 2018 film that was released last year in tamil Nadu collected Rs 2 crore, Manjummel Boys broke that record in a single week. The film has collected Rs 15 crores in tamil Nadu alone in 11 days of its release. Likewise, the film has created a historic record of Rs.100 crore collection worldwide. Earlier, only three films - Pulimurugan, Lucifer, and 2018 - had collected more than Rs 100 crore, now Manjummel Boys has also joined the elite list. Apart from that, Rajinikanth's recently released movie Lal Salaam in tamil Nadu collected only Rs.20 crores. It is said that Manjummel Boys will reach that collection in a couple of days.

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