It's an extraordinary film that looks like an ordinary film! Celebrity posts about Manjummal Boys movie

The malayalam film 'Manjummal Boys' is beating Premam, and the director Arun Vaidyanathan's facebook post about the film is going viral.

The malayalam film 'Manjummal Boys' has been released recently and is continuing to receive good response from the malayalam audience and even among the tamil fans. theater owners are expressing their happiness that the film is running to house full shows in many theaters in Chennai.

It is also said that the film has collected more than 50 crore rupees in a single week. In this film, many scenes of the film have been shot in the cave of 'Guna' starring kamal haasan, and the compelling story of the film has led to the success of the film.

Actor and director Arun Vaidyanathan's post on his facebook page about the film, which is constantly gathering praise among the fans, is being viewed virally. In this post, he said, "Manjummal Boys is done. Screenplay structure, acting, direction similar to an english film. There is a lot of chance to collect all the awards next year. Congratulations.

The film begins with scenes of kamal haasan and Roshini's guna scenes and kanmani Anbodu singing. Every now and then Kamal Haasan's name and commentary on Guna are beautifully intruded. Can't think of this movie without Guna and Kamal Haasan!

Protagonist of the film Subhash is a god Rejecter. In one conversation, he asks, 'What is God?' 'A light from above that tears the darkness,' answers the believer. Subhash slides several steps down into the cave, stuck in the muck, when his friend descends with a torch on his head... Subhash sees a light tearing through the darkness. god is great!

Boyz has won the continuation of Boyz from where Guna ended, where Kamal Haasan's god-denier abhirami Anthadi ends the film thirty-four years ago, today Manjumal Boyz's renegade is saved by a divine power! An old woman, who has seen death and is equal to god, touches Subhash's feet with her hands, bows down and looks into her eyes. We are divine! It's just we don't know that! It is an extraordinary film that looks like an ordinary film. posted as

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