Manjummel Boys, which is opening in tamil Nadu, has created a new collection record at the box office.

All the talk in tamil Nadu is about the Manjummel Boys. The film is making a lot of noise all over tamil Nadu. Manjummel Boys film is hitting the screens as a pleasant surprise to theater owners who were longing for a tamil film to be successful. Manjummel Boys has more theaters than tamil films.

The main reason why Manjummel Boys is as popular in tamil Nadu as it is in kerala is that the entire story takes place in tamil Nadu. In the year 2006, only one of a group of friends from Manjummel region of kerala, who had come for a trip to Guna Cave in Kodaikanal, unexpectedly got stuck in Guna Cave. The story is how his friends rescued him.

Apart from that, another plus for the film is the connection of Guna. Kamal Haasan's kanmani Anbodu Valanthan song in the movie Guna was a lifesaver for that movie, and it is a perfect fit for Manjummal Boys. Apart from that, friends are now celebrating Abdal, which was celebrated by lovers so far. The main reason for this is Manjummal Boys.

The film is making records worldwide. The film, which has been successful for two weeks, has collected more than Rs.90 crore worldwide. Especially in tamil Nadu alone, the film has collected Rs.15 crore so far. Never before has a malayalam film received this much reception at the tamil Nadu box office. Manjummal Boys has also achieved the feat of being the first malayalam film to collect 15 crores.

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