The box office failure of karan Johar's Dhadak marked the beginning of Janhvi Kapoor's career. janhvi kapoor gained notoriety and a stunning image when she bravely took to social media, and she is now earning millions of dollars from her posts. However, in terms of her profession, the popular daughter of sridevi in hindi film has had little success.

With the exception of Dhadak, Janhvi has not yet had a single box office success in her career. Janhvi's perspective on South indian cinema changed as a result of this. Few people are aware of Rajamouli's desire to debut Janhvi with RRR, but her father boney kapoor was not pleased with the part. When Janhvi saw large banners in hindi movies, she turned down all offers from well-known producers.

However, because they were useless, Janhvi arranged things so that she would constantly bring up the subject of working on films with ram Charan and NTR. Her public relations team worked so hard to make these remarks go viral that she and ntr were quickly cast in Devara. The relationship has reached a new height because Jahnvi would be romancing ram Charan in the Buchi Babu sana movie.

All of this occurred when Janhvi and her father, boney kapoor, realised that Janhvi had to succeed in telugu film before moving further in Bollywood. Once she gains popularity here, bollywood will follow suit, allowing her to return to hindi movies and solidify her place.

With the announcement of Devara and ram Charan's upcoming films, which are expected to be produced on a grand scale, Janhvi will now undoubtedly break into the top league of telugu cinema. Janhvi is also expected to receive positive reviews. She is also gradually replacing Sreeleela and is in discussions with a couple more major names. This entire approach has been well planned, and the outcomes are fantastic.

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