The Tillu franchise is making waves in Tollywood, with the recent release of the film "Tillu Square" starring star boy Sidhu Jonnalagadda receiving positive acclaim and substantial box office collections. Grossing an impressive Rs. 78 crores in just four days, the film is poised to cross the coveted Rs. 100 crore mark, with profits already exceeding Rs. 15 crores. 

Despite his years in the industry, Sidhu Jonnalagadda skyrocketed to stardom overnight with his portrayal of dj Tillu, a character beloved by audiences. Now, with the success of "Tillu Square," the franchise's momentum is only growing stronger, as the announcement of "Tillu Cube" has been made. In a recent interview, Sidhu shared insights into the upcoming instalment, revealing that "Tillu Cube" will explore a dynamic shift in the franchise's narrative.

 While "DJ Tillu" and "Tillu Square" revolved around themes of betrayal, "Tillu Cube" will delve into the concept of Tillu gaining superpowers and the ensuing challenges. Sidhu expressed his excitement to begin script work on the project, signalling a departure from traditional comedy to explore new territory as a superhero.

The news of Sidhu's superhero venture has shocked fans, yet garnered intrigue, particularly in light of the rising trend of superhero films. Despite potential risks associated with deviating from the franchise's established formula, there is optimism surrounding Sidhu's ability to infuse comedy into his superhero portrayal. However, industry pundits caution that maintaining audience interest across multiple sequels requires innovative storytelling to avoid monotony and dwindling hype.

With neha shetty and anupama parameswaran featuring as heroines in the previous instalments, speculation abounds regarding the leading lady in "Tillu Cube." As anticipation builds for Sidhu Jonnalagadda's superhero debut, audiences eagerly await further updates on the evolution of the beloved Tillu franchise.

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