Kannada superstar shivaraj kumar was admitted to the hospital..?

Kannada superstar Shivaraj Kumar, who has acted in a few films in tamil, has been admitted to the hospital due to sudden health problems. shivaraj kumar is a leading hero in the kannada film industry. The incident of being admitted to the hospital due to a sudden health condition while campaigning for his wife caused a sensation. Shivaraj Kumar, the son of kannada actor Rajkumar, is currently a leading actor in the kannada film industry. Recently, he has been focusing on tamil films beyond kannada language films, in between his busy shooting... he also started campaigning for his wife Geetha Sivarajkumar who is contesting on behalf of congress in the Sivamoha constituency due to which his health deteriorated.
Later, he was taken to a nearby private hospital where he was treated and discharged on Monday. It was reported that the doctors said that the health condition was caused due to the high dust on the shooting site.It is said that he is going to take the appropriate medicine pills as per the advice of the doctors. It is noteworthy that Shivraj Kumar played the lead role in films like Jailer starring Superstar Rajinikanth and Captain Miller starring Dhanush.

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