Since it was released on OTT, the current tamil film "Lover" has generated a lot of buzz. The movie's performance at the box office was mediocre. Prabhuram Vyas is the writer and director of the movie, which stars Manikandan and Sri Gouri priya from "Mad." Recently, the film became available for streaming in a number of languages, including tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam, on Disney Plus Hotstar. Its longer-than-usual 7-week window on the OTT platform is fascinating, as opposed to previous blockbuster releases' usually 4-week timeframe.

"Lover" explores the complexities of contemporary relationships with a realistic touch, igniting debates on social media on the representation of toxic relationships in young couples. The movie delves deeply into the protagonist's mind to provide understanding of his actions and reasons. The film's extremely poignant and brutally honest storyline, which speaks directly to today's kids, is receiving high praise from audiences. With great performances by Manikandan and Gouri priya, it conveys a potent message of accepting oneself and moving on in order to find inner peace.

There is a great deal of discussion and disagreement among viewers over the main characters, with differing viewpoints of the hero's jealousy and fears. After its OTT premiere on Hotstar, the movie is gradually becoming more and more popular, igniting conversations and arguments on social media.

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