Secret relationship with actresses after marriage... Gossip-caught cine celebs!

In this collection, we will take a detailed look at the cine celebrities who got caught up in gossip from their secret relationship with actresses after marriage. After marrying actor nagarjuna lakshmi and divorcing him, he married actress amala for the second time. Actor nagarjuna was widely rumored to be in a secret relationship with actress tabu after marriage. The two were said to be in a secret relationship for about 10 years. But both have said in various interviews that they are close friends.

Prabhu deva is a famous dance master in tamil cinema. She married Ramlat in 1995. The couple got divorced in 2011. His love affair with actress Nayanthara is also said to be the reason for their split. prabhu deva was in love with Nayanthara before the divorce. Because of this, Ramlat was furiously saying that he would trample Nayanthara if he saw her in person.

Boney Kapoor is one of the leading producers in Bollywood. He married Mona Kapoor in 1983. Their married life ended in 13 years. boney kapoor later married actress Sridevi. He was reportedly in a secret relationship with actress sridevi before divorcing his first wife. Apart from that, there were rumors at that time that actress sridevi was pregnant before marriage.

Dhanush is one of the most talked about actors in Kollywood. He married actor Rajinikanth's daughter aishwarya in 2004. The couple has now decided to divorce. Gossip with actresses is also said to be a reason for the couple's divorce.

A gossip spread in Kodambakkam about director ks ravikumar and actress ramya Krishnan. As ramya krishnan continued to act in the direction of ks ravikumar, it was rumored that there was a secret relationship between the two. When his wife came to know about this, there were rumors that the two had separated

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